Mirielis Almodovar-Alamo


$ 75.00 

My mission,my one goal was to retrieve my reward, yet flowers blooming had blocked my path. Followed by lasers that glowed like acidic ooze and molten lava... 
Well, that's the story I wish I could tell. This photograph was taken at an exhibit in the Flower Show. The repetition of lights and reflections made a simple box into an intergalactic channel. Either that or a portal where someone would walk in at any moment. It intrigued me seeing all the bright colors and lights and that drew me in to take a photo, framing the whole scene.

To the human eye, one may see the pattern of a watermelon, another may see green muck or liquid gunk, but it's all an illusion.  All it truly is is a dramatized photo of a body of water.

Into the Unknown
A forest full of flower growing trees, a man made structure created in the flower show. When I first laid eyes on this piece, it reminded me of the Lorax and all the fluffy truffula trees. It felt like I was being drawn in. As I looked from flower to flower the deeper into the photo I went. Like a path leading me to my destination.

Cascading Towers