Miguel Rosa


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Titi Bri
This is my cousin Brianna, holding my baby cousin Noriel, my aunt Tasha’s baby. I don’t talk to her much because she lives in Connecticut but I love her and I’m always happy when she comes around. I think her genuine warm vibe comes off really well here (she almost looks like her mother!).

I Love Parties As Much As I Love Going To The Dentist
This is my aunt Tasha, I took this on New Years when we were having a party. All of the “core” family members were there, grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, the whole lot! And me being the introverted person I am was not particularly enjoying it too much. I really like her expression in this. She’s sort of blank faced but you can tell there’s a ton happening under the surface. That’s something I can relate to a lot, the sparse decorations, dark background and droopy balloons are not really helping the situation either.

Oh God
This is my sister Tatty, as much as we both get on each other’s nerves we still are very much alike. Her expression here reads to me as very uncomfortable, the light and shadows on her face almost look like she’s opening a door. Whatever she’s seeing inside is not pleasing her too much. It reminds me of going into a room full of people at a party or event, and us being socially anxious people find that utterly terrifying. I like the drama in this picture.

Alone Time