Prepaid Passport Picture Saver

My Photo Lounge

$ 10.00 

Come into our Philadelphia store for a passport picture. You never know what kind of travel is waiting, and $10 is a deal for a proper pair of pictures plus a digital file.  Need a Canadian passport, or a passport for another country outside of the US? It's a little more, but you can pay the difference at the store.  Our passport pictures are guaranteed to be accepted!

We specialize in all country passport and visa photos. We know size requirements inside and out and can match our references to what you need! Measurements are checked and double checked in Photoshop, and printed on high quality photo paper required! Canadian, Chinese, Jamaican etc passports and visas welcome here! 

No appointment necessary, prepared and printed in about 30 minutes! 

Just let us know you purchased the voucher when you come in to redeem it in our store. (in other words, we have a record of this purchase and can look it up).