Film Processing at MobiLab

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$ 5.00 

MobiLab is a safe film drop at many neighborhood cafes and stores around Philly. During Covid, you can drop film at Essene Market and at Weavers Way Ambler. Film is picked up each Wednesday and brought to our lab for processing and uploaded and returned to the MobiLab for pickup.

Follow three easy steps:

  1. Make the product selections and pay on this page and even order replacement film. Many customers love the Film Processing Super Saver. Check it out
  2. Place your film in a processing envelope which you'll find in the MobiLab box. Write the order number on the envelope so we can match it
  3. Enjoy your scans by Friday of the same week, and pick up negatives or prints the following Wednesday

Note: All 120 film scans are upgraded High Resolution at no extra charge. Please select High Resolution Scans for all 120 scanning.

For PFPC members, please select standard resolution scans. Your scans will be automatically upgraded to high resolution.