Christy Zakaria


$ 100.00 

My Brother Anthony
This photo was taken at Neshaminy Park in Bensalem. 
My brother Anthony, on a daily basis he’s childish, energetic, but in this photo it looks like he’s contemplating life, questioning life, and he needs a walk in the park, a sit-down…to breathe. Right now he might just see a picture with himself in it, but when he’s older, hopefully he’s thankful for this moment. Maybe he gets a flashback when he was a kid, and gets a good feeling from it.

Self Portrait
When you first meet me, I’m a shy, quiet person. I won’t really talk unless spoken to. But when you get to know me, over months and years, I can get energetic. I’m playful. Sometimes outgoing. If I put my mind to it, I could get up on a stage and perform, do a whole thing. 
This photo, Benny took as a “tester,” just testing out the camera, exploring the camera, seeing what the picture would look like if we put different filters on it. We shot maybe seven different pictures, but this one stands out because of how I’m looking at the camera, right at you, with a dead serious face. But there’s more layers to me aside from being a serious person.