Chelsea Dakota Prints


$ 100.00 

"Life to me can be thought of as a collection of moments, from the big ones to the seemingly mundane. In my photography, I aim to capture moments with an essence of nostalgia; when you look at the photo you can feel the emotion of the moment, that it brings you to a space of your own that feels familiar and sparks a pause for reflection.

When I began shooting film in 2018, I didn’t have an intent other than to preserve those moments of people and places that prompted a pause and reflection for myself. Shooting film was a way to slow down, stay present in the moment and feel connected to the world around me."

Lake Tahoe - March 2021, Minolta x370, Kodak Gold 200

Trees of Fire - December 2020, Minolta x370, Kodak Gold 200

Great Basin - March 2021, Minolta x370, Portra 400

Yosemite National Park - December 2020, Minolta x370, Kodak Gold 200