Film Processing by Mail, Color and Black & White

My Photo Lounge

$ 7.00 

PhotoLounge has been offering film processing by mail for color and black & white film since 1997. 

Choose from processing only (just the negatives), and add scanning and printing if you'd like.  Scanning is shared on Dropbox at a medium resolution of 300dpi at size 4"x6. Prints are made on professional Kodak Lustre E surface paper using traditional RA4 Chemistry (also known as digital "C" printing).

Black & White film is processed to spec in a traditional processing drum.

35mm film is always cut and sleeved unless specified to leave uncut.  120 Medium format film is always left uncut.  

All film is processed same or next day in our photo lab in Philadelphia, PA, and shipped back via USPS. Orders of 10 or more rolls are shipped USPS priority with tracking.