Broke Cupid


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Creatures On the Water
This photo was taken while visiting Batsto Village in New Jersey. I took it using a 100-400 telephoto lens. I was learning a lot about composition at the time, lines, balance, symmetry, reflections, and the rule of thirds. This remains one of my favorite photos I took while learning about these design principles. Nature is something very important to me, it grounds and inspires my artistic and life efforts. I love being able to go into the woods and on hikes with my camera looking out for cool compositions and being able to continue to appreciate nature on a new level as an artist.

Isolation on the Boardwalk

This picture is one of my hand reaching out towards some lights. It was a part of a project revolving around experimenting with and understanding aperture. The goal was to incorporate bokeh thoughtfully rather than just a piece of the background to be forgotten.

Nerds in the Wild 1
These photos are from a shoot I did with my friends. I wanted to go out to the park with some props, do some silly poses, and capture some genuine expressions of joy. Whenever my friends are in a room together there’s always shenanigans and laughter. I knew I was bound to get some good expressions from them. Also pictured are some “nerdish” items from my childhood and current life, such as beyblades and dice, some of my original inspirations to take up art.

Nerds in the Wild 2