Boujee Mustard Prints


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"My photographic process entails a lot more than structuring my image. I believe if you’re gonna tell or share a message it’s all about how you’re advertising it and how it’s being presented. That’s what makes my work strong, I never was the best to verbally explain why I did something. But over the course of the years, my work has grown to not only the viewers but my own. I photograph black people  and my peers as if they’re royalty, I edit or collage the images into beautiful master paintings. I’ve also been able to touch ohm topics such as capitalism, religion, and importantly masculinity and femininity. The topics that I like to touch on subtly through my work is often currently talked about, but with how it’s illustrated is my current issue. Masculinity is often visible in photographs through flowers in their hair, tears and either just shirtless photos showing “vulnerability”. These topics should be talked about but with my work I like to let my male peers show what their natural reaction and or embodiment of masculinity rather than pushing on what the media makes it as. One of the  most important thing about photography is the message that a image is giving and I believe that was executed."

!! - January to March 2021, Canon 5d Mark 4

Donis - January to March 2021, Canon 5d Mark 4

Negro -  January to March 2021, Canon 5d Mark 4

Red -  January to March 2021, Canon 5d Mark 4