Bianca Collins


$ 75.00 

Homely Ambience
The window of my kitchen can express the dramatics of light and shadows throughout the day. The day I took this photo, it was snowing outside and the ambiance was gloomy as the view from the kitchen. The kitchen window captured the windy burst of winter as the snow began to rush in by the pound. What is clearly noticed is that we pass by these areas every day, in our own homes, and capturing its essence is a key peak of appreciation. Nature can affect our homes more than you think, whether it is for the good, the bad, or the photogenic.

Flaws In Flora
Nature can be unexpectedly dark and beautiful. There are plenty of areas in my neighborhood and outside my front porch that capture the brightness, the purity, and the frigid aspects of nature. But it all depends on the season and the right moment where it can be captured. Not everything is perfect, like a tree that has endured the acts of man and nature, but it can also be pure and remain bright like the buttercups and green grass below. Even in the harsh and extremely cold winter, nature can still flourish.