12-Month Renewal Philadelphia Film Photography Club Membership

My Photo Lounge

$ 50.00 

When renew your Philadelphia Film Photography Club Membership, we will send you either three rolls of film or two single use cameras. Your next roll of processing included. 

Please print the address label and shipping insert.

Order additional processing for rolls or single use cameras.

Benefits of your PFPC membership include:

  • 10% off film processing. Discount combines with any other discounts or promotions you would get otherwise!
  • 10% off of all film, disposable cameras and eligible used camera gear.
  • You will receive access to submit photos for a possible feature on our Instagram.
  • High resolution scans for the same price as standard resolution scans.
  • Access to the film of the month a full week before everyone else.
  • A monthly newsletter with hundreds of dollars worth of savings exclusive to club members!
  • Discounts are good for drop off in the store or mail in processing.
We are continuing to develop the film club to best suit the film community.