Film Processing

PhotoLounge is your Philadelphia film processing expert. We can develop and process 35mm, 110, 126 and 120/220 in color, black & white and cross-processing. Our technicians love pictures and hold degrees in photography, so you can rest easy that your film, its development and processing are in the right hands! See schedule below. Student discounts gladly offered for walk in or MobiLab with valid ID.  


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C41 color film processing is available for 35mm, Disposable cameras, 110, 120/220/ 127 and 620 and APS formats.

This includes processing Holga and Lomography films. Our C41 line runs on Fuji professional chemistry in a clean and highly monitored environment, and under the tightest process control standards.

Example pricing: develop only 35mm from $5, Develop and Scan from $10 (shared on Dropbox), Develop-print-scan combo from $16.

Students save 10%.

Service turnaround: M-Th in by 11am done 5:30pm 

Black & White film processing is available for 35mm, 120/220 and 127 formats.

We can adjust processing times (push and pull film), and develop old and non-standard emulsions.  Development times are matched to manufacturer’s recommendations by film type. All film is drum processed in Kodak T-Max developer using precise timing, agitation, and temperature controls. 

Example pricing: develop only (standard films) from $6. Develop-Print-Scan combo $18.

Students save 10%

Service turnaround: typically 2 business days

Cross processing is available for E6 slide film in C41 negative film.

35mm can be printed and scanned.  Medium format film can be processed only.

Example pricing: develop only $9

Service turnaround: M-Th in by 11am done by 5:30pm

We can long sleeve your film in an archival sleeve and box, or we can cut the film in strips of 4 frames each.

Look for the best film processing service in Philadelphia? Whether you are looking to print from film or slides, we offer top quality results and fast turnaround.

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