PhotoLounge has built the University Program as a way to give back to the community and support university students and faculty. As part of this dedication, PhotoLounge has established the PhotoLounge Student Award in memory of Jerry Brown. This award is a collection of spending by all of the universities who are a part of the University Program. Professors will be able to nominate a graduating student(s) to be awarded at the end of the academic year. This award is a sum of money that can be used towards processing and scanning film at PhotoLounge and is meant to help support their passion for film photography.

In order for a student to be nominated and receive this award, their instructor must enroll their class in our University Program. The University Program offers students and faculty access to the benefits of our Film Club for free. These benefits include discounted processing, scanning and film rolls for the entire year. We are so excited about this program and all that it has to offer for faculty and students. Begin enrolling in the program by joining our Film Club for free.

For the community:

  • Monthly member show.
  • Member Lounge with drop-in events, lessons, classes and more.
  • Early access to shows and events.

Member discounts and upgrades:

  • 10% off film processing. Discount combines with any other discounts
    or promotions you would get otherwise!
  • High resolution scans suitable for printing for the same price
    as standard resolution scans.
  • 10% off of all film, disposable cameras and eligible used camera gear.


Is the film club only for serious film shooters?

Club members range from occasional users to photographers who process film in bulk.

What makes the club a good deal?

The club pays for itself quickly in three key ways: with free film as your sign-up gift. On-going 10% discount on all services and products. And with a permanent upgrade to high resolution scanning that saves $4 on each roll.

Why is getting free upgrades to high resolution scanning a key benefit?

Normal resolution scanning is perfect for sharing, viewing, and posting images online. But high resolution scanning offers more options for printing and cropping.

Could I get additional savings if I have even more film to process?

Yes. Club members can receive an additional discount on top of our lowest bulk pricing.

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