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Trust us to convert and digitize your most treasured photos, movies, negatives and slides.

The hardest part is getting started. Let us do the work to help you preserve your memories.


Purchase our digitizing service online, request a quote, call us or come visit us in our Center City store to make your purchase today.


Drop your items off at our store, use our prepaid envelope, or we’ll come pick up your materials at a time that works for you – for free!


Our trusted technicians draw on nearly 24 years of experience to preserve and protect your most precious memories.


We’ll send along final digital files to you via a Dropbox link, or even hand-deliver a thumb-drive, along with all your originals, to make things easier.

Choose whatever works for you

$30 per box

If you live around Philly, or even up to 30 miles from our lab, why not let us sort through all those photos, videos, home movies and slides you’ve got sitting around so we can digitize what’s important and preserve all those memories?


For just $30 you can hire us to get things sorted by format and figure out exactly what you’ve got. Drop everything in a bag or a box (or a suitcase if there’s more than a lot) and drop it off directly to us, or we’ll come pick it up on a Wednesday or Saturday. Then, we’ll give you a quote and apply your $30 as a credit when you approve your order.

$0.70 per photo

Our dedicated technician will digitize your photos so you can view, share, download and edit.


- Pricing per print. Minimum 50 prints

- 300 DPI scans, including backside of prints to capture handwritten notes, shared over Dropbox

- Commercial dedicated scanner with color enhancements to all scans

- 7 day turnaround

$35 per tape

Our dedicated technician will transfer your tapes to digital quality so you can view, share, download and edit.


- Pricing includes 1 tape (Pricing as low as $22 per tape with larger quantities)

- Digital files are shared over Dropbox

- There's no risk to you, we'll refund if it's a blank tape or just an old TV show recording

- 24 hour turnaround with Dropbox as deliverable. Originals may not be ready that day.

$0.60 per slide

Our dedicated technician will clean, scan and color correct your slides on a Fuji commercial scanner so you can view, share, download and edit.


- Pricing per print. Minimum 100 slides

- Our Fuji commercial scanner can scan in the order slides appear in carousels and create folders to match. Digital files shared over Dropbox

- FREE photo book voucher included with every order

- 10 days for average order (below 80 slides)

$92 per 400'

Our dedicated technician will clean and transfer your home movies at the highest resolution so you can view, share, download and edit.


- Minimum cost of $92 for up to 400' of film and $23 for every 100' above 400'

- Calculate film length by measuring reel diameter, most common reels measure 3" (50') and 7" (400')

- Mix and match reel types at no extra cost

- Our machines are gentle on old film and eliminate annoying flickering often seen with other services. MPEG files are shared over Dropbox

- 24 hour turnaround with Dropbox as deliverable. Originals may not be ready that day.

$4 per negative strip

Our dedicated technician will convert your 35mm film into strips and digitize them so you can view, share, download and edit.


- Pricing per negative strip. Minimum 10 strips of film (any length 4-6 frames)

- 300 DPI JPEG files shared over Dropbox

- Our Agfa D-Lab2 scanner is known for accurate and natural color and grain

- Depending on negatives and quantity, turnaround time ranges from 1-4 weeks.

Get started

Still don’t know where to begin? Overwhelmed by all those old boxes? Not sure what’s actually in there? We’re here to help.

We’re here, making memories together.

For over 24 years, our experts have handled many Philadelphians’ most personal collections of memories. Whether we’re converting memories from that magical road trip across the country or old photos from that moment with Mom that you’ll never, ever forget, we truly believe there’s an unparalleled nostalgic value in everything we treat and believe each one of those memories deserves to last a lifetime.

Since 1997, we’ve helped thousands of families digitize their memories, and can’t wait to do the same for you.

Stop in to see us just off Rittenhouse Square, at 130 South 17th St today.

Our customers.
Our family.

“PhotoLounge was great. They emailed me periodically throughout the process 2 or 3 times to let me know how everything was going. They were very communicative.”

- Bill N., Center City

“You guys are my #1 for a reason. Ya’ll do the best!”

- Sarah, Center City

“PhotoLounge is great and friendly. I’m a customer for life!”

- John P., Fairmount

“I just had a better sense of security about my items with PhotoLounge – they gave me a better vibe.”

- Nancy S., Old City

“PhotoLounge was great. I asked the guy at the counter a billion questions and he was very patient with me and answered all my questions.”

- Cynthia M., Society Hill

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