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We are officially open at 130 South 17th Street and have closed our location at 1909 Chestnut Street! We could not have moved into this space without our fantastic PhotoLounge team. PhotoLounge’s staff is made up of a group of talented artists who have a strong passion for photography. Here is a list our main staff and their favorite type of film to shoot with: 

Andrew (Head of Strategic Implementation) - Ektar 100, Ilford FP4
Matt (Master Printer/Head of Print Lab) - Fuji Pro 400H
Nick (Head of Customer Service) - Fuji Pro 400H
Dylan (Head of Film Lab) - ProImage 100
Hannah (Head of Digitizing Lab) - Ektar 100, Ilford Delta 400
Malcolm D. (Gallery Director) - Ektar 100, Kodak Gold 200, Adox 20, Ilford FP4
Malcolm (Content Creator) - Kodak Colorplus
Lauren (Film Community Manager) - 400 TriX

All of us are super excited about the new space and want to show it to you so stop by and take a tour, drop off film, order prints etc. We could not have grown into this space without the support from the community for the past 25 years so thank you and we are looking forward to co-creating in this space with all of you for the next 25 years.

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  • James Domingo - July 28, 2021

    Congrats Ravid and staff!

  • Linda Litwin - July 28, 2021

    Hi…I stopped by the new location last Friday because I had an appt nearby that morning.. I thought that someone would be there and I could take a tiny peek, but alas everyone must have been packing up on Chestnut St.! I also planned to send some digital images for prints, but I didn’t get to that either! Oh well!
    Best Wishes for a great opening! See you soon!

  • Lauri McNown - July 28, 2021

    What a great looking team!

  • Lauri McNown - July 28, 2021

    What a great looking team!

  • Lois Mauro - July 28, 2021

    Congrats! Sounds like you have everything under control with great staff! One of these days I’ll see for myself!!

  • Doug Smith - July 28, 2021

    I’m so happy for you guys, and I can’t wait to see the new place. I’m really looking forward to the gallery space!!!

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