PhotoLounge Presents: Alex Aronson


Alex Aronson is a Philadelphia based photographer.


How did you first take interest in photography?

I was always obsessed with documenting things, usually just silly things with my iPod touch; pictures of my friends, my dog, cool bugs I found in the woods by my house. Somewhere between highschool and college I started taking myself and my photos seriously.


How would you describe the role of photography in your life?

Especially in this past year, my camera has been my best friend. On days where nothing seems worth it, I can step out for a photo walk and completely change my mood. Photography provides me with a new perspective on the world, and makes me consider the smallest details. These days, I feel naked if I leave the house without a camera.

What do you think makes a “good” photo?

I’m no authority on what a “good” photo is, but I know what makes a photo I like! Aside from the technical stuff, I really enjoy photos that tell a story, or highlight an interesting or funny coincidence in the world. My favorite photos immortalize fleeting moments and leave you with more questions than answers.



Where do you find inspiration?

I’m inspired by so much these days, my friends and peers especially, who are all amazing artists in their own crafts. I’ll screenshot interesting movie scenes, and bookmark the pages of photobooks, but my biggest inspiration is the world around me. I love people in general, the way we choose to dress and express ourselves out in the world, there’s beauty in diversity.


Why do you shoot on film? Has it always been your medium of choice?

With modern technology, photography has become as much a tool as it is an art form. The limitations that come with shooting on film make me slow down and consider every aspect of the photographic process. Recently however, I’m caring less and less about the medium, but I’ll always try and emulate film looks in my edits, so I guess I’ve got a soft spot for the grain.

If anything, what do you hope that people take away from your work?

I hope that my photography can make people consider the strangers they walk past, or the weeds growing in the cracks of the sidewalk. I used to think I had to travel to grandiose locations to get a good photo but usually the most interesting stuff is right under your nose!


What can we expect to see from Alex Aronson in the years to come? 

I’d like to delve into some cohesive projects in the form of photobooks, videos and maybe even exhibits! I’ll certainly be taking plenty of photos, and just making art for art’s sake. Soon I’ll graduate, and I wouldn’t mind getting paid to take photos. This is me manifesting some employment opportunities in photojournalism.



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