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Jesse Joseph is a Philadelphia based photographer and videographer.


When did you first take interest in photography? How did it come about?

JJ: I found a Nikon FG20 at a thrift store around 15 years ago and I wanted to know everything there was about the cameras and shooting film. I started shooting film nonstop. I eventually picked up digital but film has always been my favorite.


What sort of subjects are you most interested in photographing these days?

JJ: Anything I find interesting. I try to document things as I see them but I do tend to lean towards vintage subject matter like old cars, storefronts, and houses. If I see something that catches my eye while driving I’ll mark it on my maps and come back when the lighting is better. 


How would you describe your process? 

JJ: I usually decide where I want to shoot for the day and just drive or walk around. I try not to have any preconceived ideas because I tend to limit my shooting when I’m in that mindset. I usually go out on sunny days to get the colors and lightning I like. I always have a camera on me because you never know when you’re going to see something you want to capture.


Where do you tend to find inspiration?

JJ: I enjoy the work of Stephen Shore and Joel Meyerowitz because of how they captured moments in their everyday life. I’m a big movie buff and watching films sparks my creativity, whether it’s certain compositions or themes I want to shoot. 

Pastels seem to be a common theme in your work. How come?

JJ: Pastels make the image quieter. They give my pictures a more nostalgic feel that I try to go for. 


Why is film your medium of choice? 

JJ: I love that I have control over the entire process from start to finish. I started developing and scanning my own film last year and it’s amazing having the physical images in my hand. I definitely slow down when shooting film and think more about the composition because I’m limited on shots. 

What’s in store for the future? Is there any direction you’d like to move towards in regards to photography/videography/life? 

Just shooting more, honestly. I’m really loving shooting portraits recently which I haven’t done much in the past. I’m also trying to be more consistent with putting out weekly YouTube videos. It’s tough to find a balance between doing freelance and personal work but I love keeping busy. Maybe even a book in the near future…


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