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Did you know that we will pick up your film for you?

We started our film pick up service because we found that it would solve a lot of issues for customers such as finding parking in center city or finding the time within their busy schedule to stop into the shop to drop off film. If you are local to center city Philadelphia, you can schedule our courier to come and pick up your film for you and bring it back to our lab for processing. All you have to do is order film processing online and select the option “Send a courier to me” when prompted “How are you getting us your film?” Our courier picks up on Wednesdays and Saturdays. He plans out his routes the night before and contacts you by 7pm to let you know when he will be by the next day. Once the courier picks up your film, if your film is color you can expect to receive your scans the following evening and for black and white you will get your scans the following Friday. 

We are so glad that we can provide this service to our customers free of charge and make the process of shooting analog all the more easy for our customers.

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